Back to School Essentials No1: Personalised Stickers

Personalised Custom name stickers back to school special

Amongst the excitement of getting to see my friends again, the best part about going back to school after the holidays was always new stationery! I loved getting new notebooks, stickers, folders and new filled pencil-case. It’s always nice to have something a little special and personalised  so with that in mind I’ve designed these colourful name stickers. Perfect to lay claim to all your school belongings from book bags, to folders, books and pencil tins.

Available with 16 stickers per A4 sheet at the special Back to School price of £1.50 with free delivery! What’s more you can mix and match designs.

Personalised boys name labels Pirate theme

16 Stickers, £1.50. Click image to purchase

Owl Girls name stickers back to school

Owl Stickers: 16 Stickers £1.50. Click image to purchase

Fabulous Floral Birthday Card – Personalised for Mum

Personalised birthday card for Mum

I wanted to give my mum an extra special birthday card this year and since I design and print them there’s really no excuse why I should give her anything less! And so this lovely blue floral card was born 🙂

Blue Floral Custom Birthday Card

If you’d like to show your mum (or anyone else you love) how much you think of them with a custom card, feel free to get in touch.

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