Back to School Essential No2: Personalised Bookmarks

Personalised kids bookmarks

Cute and colourful personalised bookmarks 2 for £1.50 including delivery. Available in any colour with hearts or stars print.


Back to School Essentials No1: Personalised Stickers

Personalised Custom name stickers back to school special

Amongst the excitement of getting to see my friends again, the best part about going back to school after the holidays was always new stationery! I loved getting new notebooks, stickers, folders and new filled pencil-case. It’s always nice to have something a little special and personalised  so with that in mind I’ve designed these colourful name stickers. Perfect to lay claim to all your school belongings from book bags, to folders, books and pencil tins.

Available with 16 stickers per A4 sheet at the special Back to School price of £1.50 with free delivery! What’s more you can mix and match designs.

Personalised boys name labels Pirate theme

16 Stickers, £1.50. Click image to purchase

Owl Girls name stickers back to school

Owl Stickers: 16 Stickers £1.50. Click image to purchase

HoneyApple Designs: The Body Shop at Hom

If you’re a fan of my Facebook page (and if you’re not sort it out please 😉 ) you’ll know that I’ve been “pimping” company Facebook pages and helping a fellow Facebookers  whip their social media channels into shape.

The one I’ve enjoyed most recently is working with Kerry if The Body Shop at Home, not least because I love the products and all the company stands for.

The brief was simple, make it look great and stand out from all the other BSH pages.

The Body Shop at Home Facebook Page Design

I took the designs down two different routes. The first, emulating the natural, pure, animal friendly aspect of the company and products. Hence the field greens, sky blues and simple presentation of the products. A little grown up for my liking so I made a few tweaks to the above to bring in just a little more HoneyApple Design flavour in the form of hearts and the cute bunny rabbit 🙂

The initial idea I had for the page is actually the one Kerry decided on so I’m very pleased. Product Polaroids pegged on a line it makes no sense but I love it. The snaps all highlight one of The Body Shops aims

And I leave you with the artwork for a special offer: Body Butter Buy One Get One Free! £12.50, if you’re quick you can get yours here

Having a Hoot! Personalised Owl Party Invitations

Custom owl design birthday party invites

I was thrilled to receive an order for personalised birthday invites for a little girl named Molly who loves owls! As a kid I was always drawing owls (and aeroplanes for that matter) and I’d been meaning to do some invitations with them so I already had an idea what I would do.

This is the design the customer went with; a well fed owl perched on a lovely heart tree 🙂

personalised owl birthday party invites

I love a good pattern and so this little owl line up is a nod to that. I like to think of them as cheeky little owls waiting to have the finger pointed at them – It was him!

cute owl girls party invites

I really did enjoy doing these and I hope they make it on some other girls’ party invite wish list. Until then, I’m not done with the yet. I have the matching thank you cards to design too.

Don’t forget to pop by our new personalised invites website and have a look around! You can also find us on facebook.

Visit for personalised invitations and custom designs

Pimp your Facebook Page: HoneyApple’s Custom Banner Design & Page Set Up

Facebook page set up and custom design

Let’s face it, the world’s a pretty shallow place and customers are going to judge a book by it’s cover no matter how the saying goes! Facebook pages are a must for your business but it’s not enough to just say you’ve got one, it must look great and be well used. That’s where HoneyApple comes in. We have some incredibly competitive packages to revamp, rebrand (or set up from scratch) you company Facebook page to ensure you have a professional representation of what your business is all about.

Cover banner design starts at just £15 and is designed using images provided and or graphic illustration. If you’re logo is non existent or has seen better days we’d be happy to design a new logo, add apps and suggest tailored Facebook activities and post types to grow your fan page and generate interest in your business.

For more information please email we’d be happy to help!