When Minnie met JLS – Personalised Birthday Invite Design

JLS and minnie mouse

Never one to turn down a challenge, I was more than happy to face my most random request to date: creating a personalised birthday invitation for Jackie’s lovely granddaughters. One aged 5 and a JLS fan (me too!) and the other turning 1 and a Minnie Mouse fan. “Sure” I said “I can knock something up!” And so I did…

JLS Minnie Mouse Party invitations

This invite has a back side with all the party details on. I also created an alternate version with the details on the front.

I took a different route with the 2nd Design but I think it’s my favourite of the two:

Custom birthday party Invitations

But Which one will the girl’s choose?

order custom made invitations

For your own custom designed invites drop us an email or visit us online at HoneyApple.co.uk

We’d happy to personalise one of our current designs or create you something new!

Example of prices:

10 Pack + Envelopes = £4.60
25 Pack + Envelopes = £9.20
50 Pack + Envelopes = £14.50


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